Monday, May 5, 2008

Sorry, A Good Day

Whilst this is a blog about bad days, I have, I'm sorry to say, a good day to post. Or at least a confusing one. You see, I have become a full time employee at Diageo and as part of my job I, and the rest of the company, serve as Brand Ambassadors.

What is a Brand Ambassador you ask? Does it mean that I wear a tuxedo and attend galas hosted by diplomats of foreign booze? No. It means I am given a quarterly stipend to by liquor. A great deal of high quality liquor.

This is a good corporate program.

(By comparison, my father worked at IBM and got discounts on hard drives. Ha!)

So today I made my way over to the local purveyor of distilled spirits. Being a good BA, I waited my turn at the counter, and then explained I was here to purchase one, two, three or maybe even four hundred dollars of the best products made by my firm.

As I smiled with satisfaction at how much they would love me, I, simultaneously, realized that the woman behind the counter was as happy as me, spoke fluent Chinese, and very little English. "Yes, we sell lee-quoor." At this she gestured at the store.

Twenty minutes later I emerged onto the sun-filled streets with bottles of Tanquery 10, Oban single malt whiskey, a very very carefully written receipt detailing said purchases, and a mission to collect some more before the end of the fiscal quarter.

As I said, a good, if confusing day.

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Abbi said...

This is like that time I was temping, and my boss gave me a twenty to buy him a picture frame. "What sort of design do YOU think will complement my wife's new nose?" Both stories end with us drinking booze.